The Bluetooth Mesh radio standard in buildings

Workbook on JUNG HOME published

How do you explain a smart home solution? JUNG is taking the digital route and has published a “workbook” for JUNG HOME on the Internet. The website summarizes information about the Bluetooth® mesh-based installation solution – with application examples, system components, technical details and installation instructions. The extensive collection of material is equally suitable as a source of inspiration for end customers and cheat sheets in the specialist trade.

First, a system that radically simplifies on-site installation. Second, Bluetooth® Mesh wireless technology, which many have never heard of. And third, clever applications that make everyday life easier. This much information needs to be communicated first. The building technology specialist JUNG relies on the Internet, among other things, and has put a comprehensive workbook for its JUNG HOME system online. It is publicly viewable (Link) and available in four languages: German, English, Dutch and Spanish.

Applications and solutions

End consumers and installers alike will find many suggestions on how JUNG HOME enriches everyday life. The application examples range from smart energy management and switchable sockets with a measuring function to a wind alarm that protects blinds and awnings from damage. Detailed descriptions of the system are also given: What are motion and presence detectors? What are the differences between the two sensor types, and what tasks can they perform in automation?

Schematische Systemübersicht JUNG HOME
Image: ©Jung

Mounting and configuration

For professional installers, the digital reference book has an invaluable advantage: not only can they find all components such as system inserts, top units, actuators and sockets at a glance. The manufacturer also provides the technical data and possible combinations. The workbook explains how main and extension units are installed or which functions can be configured on which actuators. Parameters such as the switch-on and switch-off delay, a run-on or night light function are thus quickly set. And if the original installation instructions are not at hand currently: They can also be found in the Workbook – for reference on screen or printed out on paper.

Direct link to the workbook from JUNG HOME: