The Bluetooth Mesh radio standard in buildings

Bluetooth® downlights with selectable light color

The new RS PRO DL 150 SC and RS PRO DL 200 SC downlights expand STEINEL’s RS PRO family of lights. They provide energy-efficient light for ceiling-integrated lighting in stairwells, corridors, toilets, washrooms and changing rooms as well as functional and utility rooms.

Thanks to Bluetooth® Mesh, they can be networked completely wirelessly both with each other and across the range with other Bluetooth Mesh products. Networking and settings are conveniently made using the STEINEL Connect App. The downlights score with a diameter of 150 or 200 mm, a maximum light output of 1,177 or 2,170 lumens and a 360-degree high-frequency sensor with a range of 7 meters. They also feature a three-stage color temperature change function that allows the light color to be adjusted according to preference and location. A soft light start, a neighbor group function and a dimmable basic and main light are part of the further range of functions.

The new RS PRO DL 150/ 200 SC downlights from STEINEL are ideal for ceiling-integrated lighting in toilets, washrooms and changing rooms.

Zur deckenintegrierten Beleuchtung von WCs, Wasch- und Umkleideräumen sind die neuen Downlights RS PRO DL 150/ 200 SC von STEINEL ideal.

Future oriented interior lighting

As discreet recessed interior lights, the new downlights from STEINEL offer convenient and future-proof lighting control. The invisibly integrated 360-degree high-frequency motion detector registers people present within a radius of 7 meters and switches the light on automatically. The RS PRO DL 150 SC provides brightness with a maximum light output of 1,177 lumens at 10.8 watts. The RS PRO DL 200 SC illuminates areas with a maximum of 2,170 lumens at 17.3 watts. Both the base light and the main light are dimmable. Thanks to the soft light start, the light gently ramps up to the desired output when activated. The neighbor group function provides follow light and even more safety and comfort.

Light color according to demand

A switch on the back of the downlights can be used to change the light color and set it entirely as desired. For the color temperature change function, the light colors 3,000 K, 4,000 K and 5,700 K are available for selection. Thus, the right light color can be selected depending on the place of use.

Networking and settings – like those for the neighbor group function – can be conveniently made using the STEINEL Connect app.

Die Vernetzung und Einstellung z.B. der Nachbargruppenfunktion erfolgen bequem mit der STEINEL Connect App.

Wireless networking via Bluetooth® Mesh

Several downlights can be networked together via Bluetooth Mesh using the STEINEL Connect App without any major installation effort or time. Groups of lights can be formed very easily in this way. Other STEINEL Bluetooth Mesh lights too can be included in the network for intelligent and efficient light switching. There is no need for time-consuming and costly cable laying. This also makes the downlights ideal for retrofitting in existing buildings.

Für eine intelligente und effiziente Lichtschaltung können die Downlights RS PRO DL 150/ 200 SC sortimentsübergreifend mit allen STEINEL Bluetooth Mesh Produkten vernetzt werden.

For intelligent and efficient light switching, RS PRO DL 150/ 200 SC downlights can be networked with all STEINEL Bluetooth Mesh products across the range.

Easy mounting

With an installation depth of only 73 mm, the RS PRO DL 150 SC and RS PRO DL 200 SC can be installed in the ceiling in just a few steps. The installation diameter is 138 or 189 mm. The complete system is flush-mounted in a suspended ceiling. The easy-to-install bracket makes installation particularly simple. Depending on the situation, one or more clamps can be used to ensure a perfect hold in different ceiling panels. An optional mounting adapter for larger hole diameters makes replacement particularly easy during renovations. The downlights can be installed at a height of 2 to 4 meters.

The downlights will be available from retailers from Q2/2023. Further information is available at