The Bluetooth Mesh radio standard in buildings

Overview: Products with Bluetooth® Mesh

The devices and systems in this product overview work with the Bluetooth® Mesh radio protocol. They use the standard to establish a stable wireless connection between luminaires, sensors and other components. Manufacturers from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bluetooth Mesh are also planning to make their products compatible with each other. Corresponding functions will also be entered in the following tables in the future.

Häfele Connect Mesh

Häfele Connect Mesh comprises intelligent components for connecting devices, systems and network platforms that bring smart room concepts into every household. Ceiling and furniture lighting, the electric sliding door fitting on the closet, the lift for the TV set, wall switches and more all speak the same language. Making digital life as simple as possible. Häfele brings these components together and ensures that they can communicate with each other. For more information, visit the Häfele Connect Mesh Website.

Image: Häfele
CategoryProduct familyInformation
ActuatorsDistributor 4-gangProduct catalog on
ActuatorsDistributor 6-gangProduct catalog on
ActuatorsAdapter for Loox5Product catalog on
SensorsMotion SensorProduct catalog on
OperationRemote control Dist. 4-gangProduct catalog on
OperationRemote control Dist. 6-gangProduct catalog on
OperationFurniture push buttonProduct catalog on
OperationWall mounted push buttonProduct catalog on
OperationHäfele Connect Mesh AppAndroid / iOS
Image: Jung


The easy-to-install JUNG HOME system smartifies individual apartments or entire buildings. System inserts for the installation box can be used to control lighting and shading, regulate room temperatures or control electrical consumers – without time-consuming installation and intervention in the building structure. Specialist companies use the JUNG HOME app for commissioning, which is also available to customers for operation. An optional gateway connects the Bluetooth mesh network with voice assistants and other smart home systems. Find out more on the JUNG HOME Website.

CategoryProduct familyInformation
ActuatorsPush Button (1-/2-gang)Product catalog on
ActuatorsNebenstelle (2-/3-DrahtProduct catalog on
ActuatorsTastdimmer (Universal LED)Product catalog on
ActuatorsPower-DALI-TaststeuergerätProduct catalog on
ActuatorsBlinds Actuator 1-gangProduct catalog on
ActuatorsRaumthermostat-EinsatzProduct catalog on
ActuatorsSwitch Actuator miniProduct catalog on
ActuatorsJung HOME SocketProduct catalog on
SensorsMotion DetectorsProduct catalog on
SensorsPresence DetectorProduct catalog on
OperationRoom Thermostat DisplayProduct catalog on
OperationPush Button Battery Powered (1-/2-gang)Product catalog on
OperationJUNG HOME AppAndroid / iOS

Nimbus Connect

The new generation of high-quality LED luminaires from Nimbus with integrated Häfele Connect Mesh wireless technology.

The right light – whether focused or pleasantly soft. Clear geometric shapes form the characteristic design feature of Nimbus luminaire families. Various designs and beam angles allow ideal illumination of different situations in living and working areas. For more information, visit the Nimbus Connect Website.

Image: Nimbus Group
CategoryProduct familyInformation
LuminairesQ Four ConnectProduct catalog on
LuminairesCubic ConnectProduct catalog on
LuminairesModul Q ConnectProduct catalog on
LuminairesZen ConnectProduct catalog on
LuminairesLighting Pad Lounge ConnectProduct catalog on
OperationHäfele Connect Mesh AppAndroid / iOS
Image: Steinel


Connected Lighting from STEINEL uses Bluetooth Mesh for professional, sensor-controlled LED lighting. Thanks to local light and presence sensors, indoor and outdoor lights only switch on when they are needed. The system consists of various presence sensors and multisensors as well as LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. For installation and configuration, there is the STEINEL Connect app, which comes for Android and iOS devices. Detailed information is provided by the Connected Lighting Website on

CategoryProduct familyInformation
LuminairesLED outdoor luminairesProduct catalog on
SensorsMotion detectors / twilight switchProduct catalog on
LuminairesLED indoor luminairesProduct catalog on
LuminairesLED outdoor luminairesProduct catalog on
SensorsMultisensorsProduct catalog on
SensorsPresence detectorsProduct catalog on
OperationSTEINEL Connect AppAndroid / iOS