The Bluetooth Mesh radio standard in buildings

Wireless push-buttons and lights with Bluetooth Mesh from STEINEL

STEINEL is expanding its range with new push-buttons and lights that use the Bluetooth® Mesh wireless protocol. This means that the products fit seamlessly into the range of the specialist for building sensors and sensor-controlled light. The new products can be easily networked with other Bluetooth® Mesh products from STEINEL to create comprehensive and powerful installations.

PB2 / PB4 – the everywhere button

No more cables! The wireless push-button from STEINEL’s Professional Line does not require any wiring and is therefore perfect for power-independent use. An integrated electromechanical energy converter generates the energy required for operation when the button is pressed. The push-button sensor is therefore battery-free and completely maintenance-free.

Thanks to its standard dimensions, it is compatible with common switch systems with a 55 mm frame size. This makes retrofitting or conversion child’s play. The option of screw or adhesive mounting as well as variants with one (PB2) and two rockers (PB4) further increase flexibility.


The PB2/PB4 wireless pushbutton with Bluetooth® Mesh does not require a battery or power supply. It generates its energy for operation each time the button is pressed.

A combination of long and short button presses (10s – 1s – 10s) is all that is needed for commissioning, and the STEINEL Connect app establishes a connection to the desired lights and sensors. Individual override or scene functions are also possible.


Available as PB2 with one push-button rocker and as PB4 with double rocker. Each in the white color (RAL 9010)

RS PRO A series – elegant and robust

Sophisticated design for demanding environments: Equipped with an attractive and robust aluminum chassis, the A series is the ideal choice for pergolas or similar applications. With their impact resistance to protection class IK10 and a tested protection class IP54, the luminaires can also withstand adverse ambient conditions.

An impact-resistant aluminum chassis, dust and splash protection recommend the RS PRO A series luminaires for use in arcades and similar outdoor areas on buildings.


A powerful high-frequency sensor detects movements in a 360-degree radius and switches the light accordingly. Integrated into the Connected Lighting System from STEINEL, wireless push-buttons can also be used for control. Semi-automatic operation, timer functions, the setting of neighboring groups and tracking light can also be implemented quickly and easily using Connected Lighting. Cross-series networking or connection to central battery systems complete the scope of services.

The RS PRO A series is available in three sizes from 190 to 330 millimeters in diameter. Anthracite and white are available as housing colors, allowing the elegant, stylish luminaires to blend perfectly into almost any architectural environment.


The RS PRO A series is available in anthracite (pictured) and white and in three sizes – with diameters of 190, 260 and 330 millimeters.